In a nutshell

Professor of Cognitive Systems at Linköping University, where since 2016 I lead the Cognition & Interaction Lab, which is part of the Human-Centered Systems division at IDA.

(As of 2021, no longer Professor of Cognitive Science in Skövde, where I worked 1994 to 2020.)

My general research interests are in situated and embodied cognition, with a focus on human interaction with autonomous systems, such as social robots and automated vehicles. Another long-standing – but now somewhat dormant – interest is in recurrent neural networks for cognitive modeling, adaptive robotics, etc.

Some current & recent activities

Together with Maartje de Graaf, Bertram Malle and Anca Dragan, I am currently guest-editing a journal special issue on “Explainable Robotic Systems” for the ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction, to appear in 2021.

Current research in human-robot interaction includes three PhD projects:

Current research in human-vehicle interaction, in collaboration with colleagues at VTI, includes a PhD project on remote driving and an upcoming postdoc project on human interaction with autonomous minibuses on campus.

2019-2021 I am also involved in a 3-year European project called SmartWork, which addresses smart age-friendly working and living environments.

2014-2019 I coordinated a large European project called DREAM on the use of social robots in psychotherapy for kids with autism.