In a nutshell

Professor of Cognitive Systems at Linköping University, in IDA‘s  Human-Centered Systems division, where I lead the Cognition & Interaction Lab since 2016.

Currently also still Professor of Cognitive Science (10%) at the University of Skövde, where I worked 1994 to 2020.

My general research interests are in situated and embodied cognition, in particular the role of the body in social interaction and in human interaction with autonomous systems, such as social robots and automated vehicles.

Another long-standing – but currently somewhat dormant – research interest is in recurrent neural networks and their use in cognitive modeling, adaptive robotics, etc.


Some current & recent activities

I’m currently involved in a 3-year European project called SmartWork (2019-2021), which addresses smart age-friendly working and living environments.

Coordinator of the 5-year European project DREAM 2014 – 2019 on the use of social robots in psychological therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder.




Coordinator of Swedish research initiative AIR 2015 – 2019, on action and intention recognition in human interaction with autonomous systems (robots, cars, etc). Partners were Viktoria Swedish ICT, Örebro University and Halmstad University.